Sunday, July 27, 2008

First post!

Welcome to my blog! I'm 21, from Sydney, Australia, and l freaking love vegan food.

My cooking habits are generally pretty boring but if I come up with something decent or across an awesome recipe, I'll post it up. I also get super excited about
vegan cookbooks with photos, and discovering and trying new vegan food products and places to eat.

I enjoy traipsing down the health and specialty foods isle at supermarkets, making orders from when I'm cashed up enough to splurge on vegan treats, and getting pizza (complete with Cheezly) delivered from Basil Pizza on King St in Newtown when my boyfriend and I are too lazy to make dinner.

The main reason for creating this blog was to make a vegan food blog that was specific to Sydney.

I apologise in advance for my shiteous writing abilities. You'll probably find that my entries lack structure and flow, much like my uni essays. The photos are likely to be just as crappy.

But I hope I keep this up because I've wanted to do this for ages, and I hope that people enjoy reading it.

To start off with, a rarity: me coming up with something from scratch. In an attempt to recreate the awesomeness that is the mushroom pie from La Panella (a bakery in Melbourne that sells vegan treats like 'sausage' rolls, pies, doughnuts, scrolls and turnovers).

First up, I fried and softened up a chopped onion and two chopped bulbs of garlic. Threw in about 500g of peeled and sliced mushrooms and cooked until soft. Added a dab of butter when the pan seemed to dry up. Added some thyme and rosemary. Added about 1/4 cup of water and a big heaped tablespoon of Massel's gravy powder and stirred until thick. I soaked about a cup of tvp in Massel's beef stock and threw that into the mushroom mix.

Pie filling + Borgs extra flaky puff pastry + pie maker + tomato sauce =

I'm quite proud of this effort.

Fuck I'm tired.

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Elizabeth said...

Any places you rec in Sydney for Vegeterians? I'm a veggie but not Vegan, oh i love that Thai place in Sydney (can't remember the place!)

btw, sorry but are you the same Linda from the EDM haul?